December 14th Meeting

Last modified on December 14th, 2021 at 7:41 pm

Meeting Date: December 14, 2021 7:00 pm

Town of Olive

Town Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Town Board Meeting Zoom Link


Call the meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance 

Roll Call

November Minutes Approved



Dawn Whittaker- Regarding neighbors code violation



Planning Board and ZBA vacancies due to term expiration


Budget Modifications:

General Fund- Transfer from Contingency (1990.4) $6000.00 to the following:

1010.4 Town Board Contractual $200.00

7110.4 Parks Contractual Expense $1600.00

7180.4 Pools Contractual $2500.00

8160.4 Refuse & Garbage Contractual $1000.00

9050.8 Unemployment Insurance $700.00

            General Fund-

Transfer $26,325.00 from A9060.8 General Fund Health Ins. To Payroll Account. to fund HSA

Transfer $17,550.00 from A9060.8 General Fund Health Ins., to HRA Account

Highway Fund-

Transfer $49,725.00 from D9060.8 Highway health Ins. To Payroll Account to fund HSA

Transfer $8,775.00 from D9060.8 Highway Health Ins. To HRA Account

Increase Revenue A4089 Federal Aid $13,587.00:

Transfer to the $13,587.00 to the following to reflect ARPA Resolution # 23:

8160.1 Refuse & Garbage Personal Services $1000.00

8189.1 Recycling Personal Services $3220.00

3620.1 Safety Inspection Personal Services $2,350.00

8020.1 Planning Personal Services $250.00

1220.1 Supervisor Personal Services $500.00

1410.1 Town Clerk Personal Services $350.00

1355.1 Assessor Personal Services $500.00

7310.1 Youth Programs Personal Services $350.00

7180.1 Pool Personal Services $2,716.00

7110.1 Parks Personal Services $1,751.00

5010.1 Superintendent of Highways Personal Services $250.00

1110.1 Justices Personal Services $350.00



Approve Payment of Audited Bills:

General Fund Vouchers #504-#554            $  29,758.65

Highway Fund Vouchers #248-# 268          $  43,870.95

Special Fire Voucher #3                            $293,487.00


Cash Received October 2021        $76,043.09

Interest Received October 2021     $550.57


Additional Business:

Resolution #26 of 2021 Authorizing signing of contract with the Olive Fire Department

Resolution #27 of 2021 Adopting schedule of fees pursuant to chapter 91 of the Town of Olive Code

Resolution #28 of 2021 In Support of the Land Acquisition Reduction Recommendations in the 2020 August National Academies (“NAS”) Expert Panel Report

Resolution #29 of 2021 Appointment of Outreach and Assessment Leads for the NYC Voluntary Flood Buyout Program for Flood Mitigation

Resolution #30 of 2021 Authorizing Supervisor to Proceed to Closing for the Purchase of Real Estate and Issuing Negative Declaration Pursuant to SEQR, 6 NYCRR Part 617

Resolution # 31 of 2021 Amending the 2019 Compensation and Benefits Manual

Approve Amanda Winne for 8 days of paid bereavement time.


Supervisor Report:

Cannabis- confirm taking no action on opt-out options- deadline December 31

Update on energy provider contract renewal with Direct Energy for 100% green energy for the town

Update on Shokan Sewer District Law


Committees, Commission, Department Reports:

Cable Franchise Negotiations Committee—Jim Sofranko, Chair

Parks & Recreation Committee—Scott Kelder, Liaison

Highway Superintendent—Brian Burns

Police Commission—Drew Boggess, Liaison

Town Clerk—Dawn Giuditta

Scenic Byway—David Edinger

Conservation Advisory Council—Vicky Read, Liaison

            Zoning- Drew Boggess Liaison

Buildings & Grounds- Scott Kelder, Liaison

Adjourn in Memory of

Lori Fulford, Dawn Nicole Decker, Carlo Travaglia, Ward Preisendorfer, Bernice Litterilla, Louis Scism Jr.,

 Nathan VanLeuvan, John Enger, Gayle Russo and Craig Russo

Resolution #26 of 2021  

Resolution #27 of 2021

Resolution #28 of 2021

Resolution #29 of 2021

Resolution #30 of 2021 

Resolution #31 of 2021 

Short Environmental Assessment Form 1

Short Environmental Form Part 2

Olive Fire Department 2022-2024 Budget