January 11, 2022 Town Board Meeting

Meeting Date: January 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Town of Olive

Town Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call 

December Minutes Approved



Esther Normann-Rios- Request for Speed Zone of 30 mph be posted for Bostock Road.

Pankti Patel- STR Law concerns

Mary Ann Shepard- Concern for Communication between the town and the community.


Approve Payment of Audited Bills:

General Fund Vouchers #1-#10                     $141,080.56

Highway Fund Vouchers #1-#2                      $  44,173.85


Cash Received December $66,203.72

Interest Received December $458.55


Additional Business:

Resolution #1 2022 Appoint Inspector for Boiceville Wastewater System

Resolution #2 2022 Speed Limit on Bostock Road

Resolution #3 2022 Rescind and Replace resolution # 33 of 2021 ARPA funds.

Approve accepting the appraisal from NYCFFBO for the Boiceville Firehouse

Approve payment of a consultant to the bookkeeper at $38/hr.

Discuss Open Development application from Simon Strauss to the Planning Board

Discuss Olive Free Library digitizing and storing town archives

Discuss town Emergency Alert System

Discuss Short Term Rental recommendations to Zoning Committee

Discuss Comprehensive Plan strategies




Committees, Commission, Department Reports:

Cable Franchise Negotiations Committee—Jim Sofranko, Chair

Parks & Recreation Committee—Scott Kelder, Liaison

Highway Superintendent—Brian Burns

Police Commission—Drew Boggess, Liaison

Town Clerk—Dawn Giuditta

Scenic Byway—Drew Boggess

Conservation Advisory Council—Jim Sofranko, Liaison

Zoning- Drew Boggess Liaison

Technology- David Edinger Liaison

Buildings & Grounds- Scott Kelder, Liaison


Adjourn in Memory of

Ella M (VanLeuvan) Gilles, Ellen Nixdorf, Marguerite Hagl


Corresponding Document Links:

Resolution #1 of 2022

Resolution #2 of 2022

Resolution #3 of 2022  

2021 Appraisal

Town Law 280-A report

Indian Trail – existing and planned extension 12-10-21


Speed Zone Request – Bostock Rd