Town Board Agenda October 12, 2021

Meeting Date: October 12, 2021 7:00 pm

Town of Olive

Town Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

September Minutes Approved



Molloy Family- Thank You Card

UC Executive Pat Ryan expressing his gratitude for the 9/11 memorial ceremony at Olive Day

Sherret Chase opposing many of the STR proposed regulations

Ulster County Electrical Licensing Board –advising the town for the requirements of the Electrical licensing Law THAT will take effect on January 1, 2022


Budget Modifications:


Increase D3501 Chips Revenue by $165,496

Increase D5112.2 Chips Imp. Exp. by $165,496

Transfer $207,363. From D5112.2 Chips Improvements to D5110.4 General Repair (cont.) by Highway Superintendents request


General Fund-

 Increase A2680 Insurance Recoveries by $7400

Increase A7140.2 Playground and Rec. Fac. By $7400

Transfer $`750 from A1990.4 Contingency to A1460.2 Records Management (Equip.)

Transfer $4000 from 1990.4 Contingency to A8020.1 Planning (PS)

Transfer $5000 from 1990.4 Contingency to 9050.8 unemployment insurance.


Approve Payment of Audited Bills:

General Fund Vouchers #408-#451                        $41,925.90

Highway Fund Vouchers #197-#221                       $71,262.76



Cash Received August 2021            $162,628.54

Interest Received August 2021               $589.20


Additional Business:

Resolution #23 – Premium pay for town workers

Resolution #24 – Amend 2019 Employee Compensation and Benefits Manual

Reappoint Stewart Grant to the Board of Assessment Review with a term expiring on 9/30/2026

Amend the Building Clerk pay rate to $21.50

Award RFP for office cleaning

Approve OCS Boosters to hold raffles in the Town of Olive

Hire new Bookkeeper at a rate of $30/hr. starting October 25, 2021

Review and award the RFP’s for the Town Hall Projection Systems

Discuss and authorize Supervisor to approve contract with Simon Gruber for consulting services

Discuss purchase of New Holland C337 Compact Track Loader for Highway Department




Supervisor Report:

Update on Unifirst contract arbitration

Ulster County Department of Public Works extended the Intermunicipal Agreement for the Watson Hollow Bridge project to December 31, 2022

Discuss wireless network bridge to Highway Garage


Committees, Commission, Department Reports:

Cable Franchise Negotiations Committee—Jim Sofranko, Chair

Parks & Recreation Committee—Scott Kelder, Liaison

Highway Superintendent—Brian Burns

Police Commission—Drew Boggess, Liaison

Town Clerk—Dawn Giuditta

Scenic Byway—David Edinger

Conservation Advisory Council—Vicky Read, Liaison

            Zoning- Drew Boggess Liaison

Buildings & Grounds- Scott Kelder, Liaison




Adjourn in Memory of

Wyatt Baker, Donald McDonald