Town Board Meeting August 9, 2022

Last modified on August 9th, 2022 at 7:55 pm

Meeting Date: August 10, 2022 7:00 pm

Town of Olive
Town Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Town Hall, Bostock Road, Shokan

Call Meeting to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
July Minutes Approved

Howard Rust- Thank You to Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk for assistance.
Pat Tosi expressing support for the Shokan Sewer District.
Allison Irwin and Kimberly Ross- Email concerning recording meetings

Budget Modifications:
General Fund:
Transfer$1000.00 from Contingency 1990.4 to 8989.0 Other Home & Community Services
Increase 3089 State Aid by $5000.00
Increase 8090.4 Environmental Control by $5000.00

Approve Payment of Audited Bills:
General Fund Vouchers #327- #382 $36,299.02
Highway Fund Vouchers #130- #149 $ 24,870.11
June Cash Received: $220,291.86
June Interest: $ 724.20

Public be Heard

Additional Business:
Motion to waive the park fee for the United Methodist Church on September 18
Resolution #22 of 2022 amending Resolution # 20 of 2022
Resolution #23 of 2022 Appointment of Outreach & Assessment Leads for NYC Voluntary Flood Buyout
Program for Flood Mitigation
Resolution #24 of 2022 Reappointment of Simon Strauss to the UC Environmental Management Council
Motion to authorize the Supervisor to sign contract and make deposit payments for vendors for Olive
Day 2023 providing the contracts contain language that such payments are customary and/or industry
Motion to authorize the Supervisor to retain legal counsels John Lyons and Kimberly Garrison for the
town board for consultancy on a land use issue
Planning Board and Zoning Board reports of training certification for 2021.
Designate the Supervisor to vote on behalf of the Town of Olive at the September 24, 2022 Referendum
vote for the Shokan Sewer District

Motion to enter Executive Session to discuss a security matter that would imperil public safety if
discussed publicly

Short Term Rental Applications are available at the Building Department and are required for all eligible
Short-Term Rentals in the Town of Olive. The deadline for submitting and application is August 29,
2022. Any short-term rentals operating after August 29 without a permit in proess will be in violation.
Committees, Commission, Department Reports:
Cable Franchise Negotiations Committee—Jim Sofranko, Chair
Parks & Recreation Committee—Scott Kelder, Liaison
Highway Superintendent—Brian Burns
Police Commission—Drew Boggess, Liaison
Town Clerk—Dawn Giuditta
Scenic Byway—David Edinger
Conservation Advisory Council—Vikki Read, Liaison
Zoning- Drew Boggess Liaison
Buildings & Grounds- Scott Kelder, Liaison
Coalition of Water Shed Towns- David Edinger, Liaison
Comprehensive Plan Committee-Drew Boggess, Liaison

In Memory of
Judy Schneider


Corresponding Documents

Resolution #22 of 2022 Amend Resolution #20 of 2022

Resolution #23 of 2022 to Appoint Heidi Emerick to Assessment Lead

Resolution #24 of 2022 Re-Appointing Simon Strauss to the Ulster County Environmental Council