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The Town of Olive Archives was organized in 1992 by the Town Clerk. They consist of collections of records that contain important information about the past-what really happened, how it happened, and why. The Archives are largely ordinary records of the day they were written. Their value to us increases steadily each year because the information they contain remains fresh and accurate, while our memories do not.

The Town of Olive Archives date from 1824 to the present, are managed under guidelines provided by the New York State Archives and Records Administration, and are administered by the Town Clerk as Olive’s Records Management Officer . Some of the local records especially worth noting are: Town Board Minutes, Assessment & Tax Rolls, Planning & Zoning Records, Ashokan Reservoir files, Court Dockets, Election & Polling Data, Overseers of Highways records, Road Warrants, fiscal reports, and Chattel Mortgages.

Since 1992 the Town of Olive Archives has accessioned various items, records, and photographs from private collections of which the “Vera Sickler Collection” is most informative and diverse. The Archives contains a growing microfilm collection of bound volumes, files, maps, photographs, and plans.

The Town Clerk (845-657-2320) will assist you by appointment in locating information and records. Some original documents may be restricted in handling due to their delicate condition.

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Map of the Town of Olive circa 1890. This map shows the impact of the Reservoir Project on the Town.


This is a view of the Town of Olive. This map illustrates the Town before the Reservoir.