Olive Community Policing Task Force Plan of Action

Last modified on February 1st, 2022 at 4:55 pm

February 9, 2021

  1. Direct the Town Board to establish a two-person Civilian Police Board, comprised of one male and one female resident, to field and forward complaints and suggestions to either the Olive Police Commission, Olive Police Chief, or the Olive Town Board upon the discretion of the Civilian Police Board. Complaints and suggestions will be forwarded, either anonymously or not, depending on the nature of the complaint and the preference of the complainant.
  2. Direct the Police Chief to establish a procedural method of utilizing body camera footage for ongoing random review and training. All police officers are to be frequently reminded that existing policy requires cameras be turned on during all interactions with the public. The initial seconds of any police interaction with the public will likely determine the tone and outcome of that interaction. Review and constructive criticism of the footage will hopefully create a better understanding of the perceptions created during these interactions with the goal being to help alleviate or de-escalate any initial fears or tensions in future public engagements.
  3. Direct the Police Chief to encourage more robust interactions with the community to strengthen community policing. Routinely have officers visit businesses, talk to residents and engage with visitors. Require police personnel to attend public events such as Olive Day, sporting events, scouting events, business events, school and library events. Establish a monthly Coffee-With-A-Cop at local cafes, a mystery reader in schools or library, and establish an Olive Recreation event to engage with our children.
  4. Assign an officer as Social Media Coordinator for the Olive Police Facebook page and budget for a modest stipend to perform the continuous work of updating the page. Include public information such as weather events, road closings, emergency contact information, and sharing public information from DEP, DEC, NOAA, Ulster County, NYS, etc. Also promote community events the Olive Police will be attending and include the report of the calls responded to each month.
  5. Direct the Police Chief or Commission to design Olive Police Department business cards with officer’s name, Olive Police, and Civilian Complaint Board contact information. Require cards be handed out by officers during public engagements.
  6. Direct the Police Commission to adopt the Mission Statement of the Policy and Procedures of the Olive Police Department as rewritten by the Community Policing Task Force to be more racially sensitive and inclusive.
  7. Direct the Police Chief to increase inherent bias and racial sensitivity training. Find additional resources for such training and continue to work with Ulster County Sheriff Department for ongoing training. Continue to seek diversity in hiring.
  8. Create an annual Town Hall meeting with the police and community to share ideas and increase community involvement and education.
  9. Advocate to Ulster County for more and better trained Mental Health responders to assist the Town of Olive Police during calls for mental health, substance abuse, domestic disputes, homelessness, and acts of violence.