Shokan Wastewater Management Program

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A resolution was passed by the Town Board of the Town of Olive at its October 13, 2020 monthly board meeting authorizing participation in the Pre-Construction Phase of the Shokan Wastewater Management Program under the NYC Community Wastewater Management Program (CWMP).  The CWMP is administered by the Catskill Watershed Corporation and funded by New York City to plan, design, and construct Community Septic Systems, Septic Maintenance Districts or wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) if Community Septic Systems or Septic Maintenance Districts are not feasible due to site conditions. The Final Preliminary Engineer’s Report of November 25, 2020 by Lamont Engineer recommended a Combined Flow WWTP in Shokan to accommodate both the wastewater from Boiceville and Shokan. The existing Boiceville WWTP will be retrofitted and utilized as a pumping station with the existing sequential batch reactor (SBR) tanks to be used for emergency storage. A forced main line will connect the existing Boiceville WWTP to a new WWTP in Shokan, along the Route 28 corridor. Only properties located within the defined mapping of the Shokan Service Area will be included in the $48M block grant designated for the Shokan Wastewater Management Project.


Pre-Construction Phase

  • Final design of treatment and collection system
  • Development of contract
  • Environmental review
  • Creation of sewer district
  • Procurement of collection system easements
  • Acquisition of the WWTP site
  • Permit process, approval, and construction bids


Preliminary Engineer’s Report

The primary objectives of the Preliminary Engineer’s Report of September 25, 2019 prepared by Lamont Engineers are:

  • Determine existing wastewater needs
  • Determine estimated wastewater flow
  • Consider alternative methods for managing wastewater needs
  • Recommend a method or methods for managing wastewater needs
  • Estimate associated costs


Preliminary Engineer’s Report Volume #1

Preliminary Engineer’s Report Volume #2

Preliminary Engineer’s Report Volume #3


Proposed Service Area

A wastewater service area was recommended for Shokan based on engineering reviews, planning, GIS mapping, USGS quadrangle topographical mapping and tax mapping. Service Area was identified based on properties with significant limitations relative to developing proper on-site systems due to lot size, soil types, steep slopes and proximity to water bodies. The Service Area was determined with input from the NYS Department of Health, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The Shokan Service Area has the capacity for over 500 potential hookups.


Proposed Service Area Map

Service Area Maps Dropbox Updated 2/14/2022


The Proposed Service Area Map can also be viewed in person at:


Town Offices

45 Watson Hollow Rd

West Shokan, NY 12494

Monday – Friday 9am-4pm


Town Hall

50 Bostock Road

Shokan, NY 12481

Monday Friday 9am-1pm


Wastewater Concerns

Potential and existing wastewater problems were identified through a community questionnaire and property use windshield survey. Concerns identified:

  • Small lot sizes
  • Flooding areas
  • Proximity to waterways
  • High groundwater table
  • Steep slopes
  • Records of existing wastewater system failures
  • Poor soils


A Note To Our Residents

Over the next few months, Lamont Engineers and their subcontractors, will be performing surveys, field layout and design of the collection system. This may require their staff to go onto our property to locate utilities, take measurements, mark out locations for the proposed sewer pipe, identify wetlands, and perform archeological investigations. Lamont Engineers and their subcontractors will carry identification, and will attempt to inform you of their presence prior to entering your property.

Lamont Engineers may need your assistance to determine specific information about your existing septic system, including the elevation and location of the sewer exiting your house, the location of your septic tank(s), the location of your well and the location of other underground utilities, such as electric, telephone, cable, drains, etc.

In an effort to minimize the disturbances to your property, we ask that affected residents complete the Data Collection Form included in the July 2021 mailing, and return to:


Proposed Sewer Use Law


Sewer Use Law


Additional Information 


Catskill Watershed Presentation to the Town Board


Lamont Engineers

ATTN: Aaron Jackson

197 Elm Street

Cobleskill, NY 12403



Aaron Jackson, Lamont Engineers                      (845)234-4028

John Mathiesen, Catskill Watershed Corp.        (845)586-1400

James Sofranko, Town of Olive Supervisor        (845)657-8118