Town Board Meeting Agenda – November 9th 2021

Meeting Date:


Town of Olive

Town Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Town Hall

Bostock Road, Shokan


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

September 29th and October Minutes Approved



Krumville Cemetery- Request for assistance

Olive Fire Dept. – New Member Kyle Rompella 

Ternice Winne- Response to Letter from Sylvia Rozzelle


Budget Modifications:

General Fund-

Transfer $8485.00 from 1990.4 Contingency

$785.00 1010.4 Town Board Contractual

$2,500.00 7110.4 Parks Contractual

$400.00 7180.4 Pool Contractual

$500.00 8020.1 Planning (PS)

$4,300.00 8160.4 Refuse & Garbage Contractual

Transfer $4270.00 from Reserve K Computer

$3,900.00 1110.4 Justices Contractual

$185.00 3620.2 Safety Inspection Equipment

$185.00 8010.2 Zoning Equipment

Transfer $311.00 from General Fund Escrow Retirement 201.6

$311.00 to 9015.8 Police & Fire Retirement

Approve Payment of Audited Bills:

General Fund Vouchers #452-#503   $199,690.39

Highway Fund Vouchers #222-# 247   $190,050.79

Special Lighting Voucher #8   $         69.47

Cash Received September 2021 $283,225.44

Interest Received September 2021 $551.10


Additional Business:

Approve the 2022 final budget

Approve the Olive Fire Dept. Contract for 2022-2024

Empower the Supervisor to sign the contract with the OFD when received

Empower the Supervisor to sign the contract with the Olive First Aid when received

Resolution #25 of 2021 Amending LHI report for 2021

Approve Highway Superintendent to purchase New Holland C337 Track Loader 

Approve Highway Superintendent to purchase a Bobcat 24” Planer 




Supervisor Report:

Boiceville Firehouse NYC Funded Flood Buyout Program Appraisal

Update on RT 28A/Esopus bridge and road project


Committees, Commission, Department Reports:

Cable Franchise Negotiations Committee—Jim Sofranko, Chair

Parks & Recreation Committee—Scott Kelder, Liaison

Highway Superintendent—Brian Burns 

Police Commission—Drew Boggess, Liaison

Town Clerk—Dawn Giuditta 

Scenic Byway—David Edinger

Conservation Advisory Council—Vicky Read, Liaison

Zoning- Drew Boggess Liaison

Buildings & Grounds- Scott Kelder, Liaison

Adjourn in Memory of 

Chris Howe, Linda Moore, Orman E Leighton, Eileen Olson